The Sterling Balance: Elite Transformation

for Visionary Leaders

1 on 1 sessions

Elite Transformation for Visionary Leaders

The sterling balance

Are you a leader with an insatiable thirst for success, an individual with visions so grand they’d dwarf the most ambitious dreams of others? Yet, do you find your pursuits punctuated by hitches, your well-being and personal life see-sawing as you scale the heights of success?

Presenting The Sterling Balance, a high-performance coaching program curated for visionary leaders like you who want to attain unparalleled professional growth without compromising personal life.

Your coach - robert simic

Robert Simic’s journey from humble beginnings to a global success story serves as the inspiration that fuels his unique, transformative approach.

Having studied under leading experts like Richard Bandler, Tad James, Bob Proctor, and Tony Robbins, Robert amalgamates these eclectic teachings into the unparalleled RS METHOD.

This cutting-edge methodology creates profound, lasting transformation, weaving a potent blend of NLP, Time Paradigm Techniques, Hypnosis, Mind Power, and various coaching methodologies.

Transforming lives of the elite

Our clients, including global celebrities, royal families, and billionaires, have experienced remarkable transformations.
One of our satisfied clients, a globally renowned tech tycoon, had this to say about The Sterling Balance:

“Robert’s coaching transformed my life. His unique RS METHOD
was the turning point in both my personal life and business.
I’ve achieved more in six months than I have in six years.
I am more present, enjoy a balanced life, and my business is at its all-time high.”

The sterling balance experience

Immerse yourself in a coaching program where the focus is not just on reprogramming behaviors but rewriting emotional DNA. We begin with a comprehensive two-day Personal Breakthrough Session, involving a deep dive into your emotional conditioning and core beliefs. This 16-hour transformational journey culminates in a personalized roadmap to your success.

The journey continues with bi-monthly follow-up sessions over a year. In these sessions, we tackle areas of your life that could be affecting your thinking, energy levels, performance, and overall quality of life.

Delivering unrivalled results

What results can you expect from The Sterling Balance? Think about freeing yourself from the shackles of past burdens, sweeping away anger, sadness, fear, and guilt. Imagine replacing limiting beliefs with boundless confidence and improving communication, resulting in unprecedented peace and balance in your life. These are the promises of The Sterling Balance.

Our guarantee

We understand the significance of the investment you make with us and assure you, your growth and satisfaction are our priorities. If after our first session you don’t feel a transformative shift, we will refund your investment fully.

Take the first step

If The Sterling Balance resonates with your aspirations, apply now for an informal chat about your specific situation and needs. This session will offer you insights into the transformation you can expect and help us assess if we are the right fit for each other.


The Sterling Balance starts at USD 320,000 for the initial 16-hour intensive package. For the ones who seek the ultimate transformational journey, we recommend our annual package at USD 40,000 per month for bi-monthly sessions.

it’s about changing the game. Experience the transformation today.

This is a MUST read if you are considering becoming a Life Coach. It sells on AMAZON, but you can have it for FREE here.

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This is a MUST read if you are considering becoming a Life Coach. It sells on AMAZON, but you can have it for FREE here. 

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy instantly.