resolve internal conflicts and

become the master of your own destiny

10 days - THE RS Method Workshop

A meaningful, holistic approach to personal development that truly empowers and touches people’s lives

Still searching for your own breakthrough and inner freedom, knowledge, and skills that can deliver that?

Many of our students are medical doctors, veteran psychologists, psychiatrists, religious leaders, company directors… people with strong academic backgrounds. What a pleasure, at the end of our RS Method Workshop, to hear them say that they would trade all their degrees for what they have learned during those ten days!

If you are looking for:
Then you have already arrived, and you are a perfect student for the RS METHOD Workshop.
Welcome to Robert Simic Coaching Institute, a place our coaches and clients call Home.

The RS Method empowers you much further than any other coaching model, in terms of being able to actually create and experience immediate CHANGE in your life.

In fact, you’d become a change expert, using a combination of the most efficient and life transforming techniques known to us, from the beginning of human psychology to the very latest in neural science.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could instantly change your limiting thinking patterns, replace old and non-serving habits with new ones, change limiting beliefs into positive ones, resolve internal conflicts, and release the burdens of your past for good?


We demonstrate every single technique taught and presented during our live workshop, and you will have the opportunity to see and experience it as a client, firsthand.

Robert will teach and then demonstrate the process with one of the attendants (this could be you if you are willing!). Then, you will have a chance to do the same for yourselves right away as well.

This way, you will have your own personal breakthroughs, as you empower and shape yourself into the person you have always wanted to be.

As you experience this level of learning, you will also be fully competent to share this gift with others, if you cared about that as well.

Our training in the RS Method is so effective in teaching the knowledge and skills, that you will embody it all, when you are complete. It’s the difference between knowing about something or becoming it.

You become an empowered human being, who has the tools and experience, to help yourself (or even others!) change anything in your life and create your desired future.


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Years of accumulated negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt… can be totally released. Can you even imagine being freed of any and all past burdens of life, truly letting go of all unresolved issues? This process affects your identity and your perceptions of the past, allowing room for a much brighter future. It also affects your health, more than any other factor.

Most people already know that our unresolved burdens, things that we carry inside… act as the root cause of all our dis-eases. Healing is really possible and simple. When we find the root cause of what creates the issue in the first place, we can resolve and overcome it. This process is rather magical and one of the best gifts that I could ever give to another human being. A real ticket to a new start in life.

I personally spent years seeking an effective way to change my limiting beliefs. Like most people, I grew up in an environment that taught me about my limitations and what I cannot do in life, what I will never have or be able to achieve/become. I learned that changing my beliefs equates to changing my reality. If I could have a stronger, healthier self-image and change the way I see myself… I would feel differently about myself; I would apply for different jobs; I would aim higher in all areas of my life!

But sadly, most teachers today will teach you how to create different affirmations and how endless repetition of the properly formatted new statements will create the change. It may take you years of new daily rituals to achieve that desired change and truly align yourself with the life that you want. Few people have that much determination and the willingness to succeed.

The good news is that on our RS Method workshop, you will learn how to change ANY limiting belief (regardless of its age and strength) in a matter of minutes! Out with the old and in with the new one, in three minutes flat! Can you even imagine the impact that that would have? Imagine affording yourself an opportunity to change any limiting beliefs, doubts, sabotaging questions… where would your life take you with all that natural and effortless confidence? This section alone is easily worth your entire investment in this workshop.

If you have any phobias, you’ll get your freedom from those crippling and debilitating phobias (regardless of how big or old they are). We show you how to easily overcome this irrational fear, and set yourself or your clients free for good.

Anxiety is different from all the other emotions, like sadness, fear, guilt, etc… as while they are all linked and related to our past… Anxiety is an emotion linked to our future! Think about this: you cannot feel anxious about something that has happened in the past, can you? You can only feel anxiety when your mind is focusing on your future, something that hasn’t happened yet, and that you are imagining ending up badly. This process ensures that you alleviate all anxiety from your life and set yourself free from worries and negative thinking patterns about your future. Years of medication… or one life changing process?

After we are sure that you are free from past burdens and limiting beliefs, and that you are aligned internally with your goals, we help you set your mind for creating that life, achieving those results in a way that they are bound to happen. Quick question for you: “What would you want… if you KNEW you couldn’t fail?

As you must have realized by now, this is an extremely fulfilling and enriching content, and experience filled program.

We would love to meet with you, learn about your needs and intentions and therefore be in a position to advise you on your steps forward.


The possibilities are only limited by you and your thoughts

You will experience

Personal coaching & support throughout the workshop.

Priceless, live demonstrations of all the change techniques taught.

Personal change, on as deep a level as you choose.

Our RS Method Workshop Highlights

  • Understand how your brain works. Your mind is the driving force behind every thought, emotion, memory and behaviour you have ever had.
  • Master the power of language and become more effective and influential in your communication.
  • Feel more in charge of yourself and help others do the same.
  • Understand the science of sustainable change and break through your undesired behaviour.
  • Understand how perception is created and how you can change and own it.
  • Become a better leader.


  • Resolve any internal conflict in a matter of minutes.
  • Learn how to connect and build comfortable relationships with other people.
  • Learn for yourself, and even lead others into resourceful states – one of the most positive states of mind/body you can experience. A state where all change is possible, easy and quick to achieve.
  • Learn how and when to give effective suggestions.
  • Understand the mind/body connection.
  • Let go of ALL emotional baggage. Years of accumulated negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame… can be totally released. This process affects your identity and your perception of the past, allowing room for a much brighter future.
  • Release limiting beliefs and decisions that can be damaging not only to your health but also into other aspects of your life. Install new beliefs and align yourself with the life that you want.
  • Experience freedom from crippling and debilitating phobias.
  • Alleviate all anxiety from your life and set yourself free from worries and doubts.
  • Set goals in ways that they are impossible to not happen in your life.

Through a combination of pre-study materials and live training, we will teach you the theory and then show you how specifically to apply it, and cause change for yourself or those you care about.

We then demonstrate the techniques with real-life problems (on a voluntary basis – this client demonstration could be you). You then have the opportunity to experience the same, this time, as the private client (not on the stage, but in a private setting). We will also make sure all your questions are answered.

This way of teaching ensures that regardless of your learning strategy, your needs will be met, and you will experience a sense of ownership and competence in the material presented.





Lack of direction and energy?
No confidence and passion? Looking for a break in life?



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During our Life Coaching Courses, once the theory is comprehended, the trainer will authentically demonstrate the skill in front of you with a genuine client (who could be you!).

The theory becomes captivatingly believable, and after addressing all inquiries, you will proceed to practice it firsthand with clients present in the room. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to present your own challenges and in turn, assume the role of the client. There’s nothing quite as impactful as experiencing real-life situations firsthand, wouldn’t you agree?

If you find this kind of environment suitable for you, it signifies that you are prepared for the most profound journey of life transformation. Take the first step by reaching out to us or selecting one of the links below:

This is a MUST read if you are considering becoming a Life Coach. It sells on AMAZON, but you can have it for FREE here.

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This is a MUST read if you are considering becoming a Life Coach. It sells on AMAZON, but you can have it for FREE here. 

Fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy instantly.